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The lubricating properties of grease were determined on a four ball tester Tenkey, MSA.

The balls diameter The four-ball tester was also used to evaluate the anti-wear properties of GCr15 bearing steel self-mated frictional pairs under the lubrication of grease. After each test completion, the WSD values on the stationary balls were measured on an optical microscope with an accuracy of 0. Three identical tests were performed for an average so as to minimize data scattering. Chu, S. Opportunities and challenges for a sustainable energy future.

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The structure of diammonium tricalcium bis pyrophosphate hexahydrate. B36 , — C40 , — Averbuch-Pouchot, M. Crystal chemistry of cyclo -hexaphosphates. Structure of dicalcium dilithium cyclo -hexaphosphate octahydrate.

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C46 , — B44 , — Download references. All authors discussed the results and commented on the manuscript. Correspondence to Hong Xu or Jinxiang Dong. Reprints and Permissions.

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Subjects Green chemistry Materials for devices. Abstract Lubricating technologies are essential for saving energy and identifying effective, environmentally friendly layered materials that meet the demands of solid lubricants is an important direction. Introduction With the rapid development of human civilisation, energy consumption is constantly increasing.

Solid Lubricants for Space Mechanisms

Results Probing the relationships between load-carrying capacity and crystal structure We tested MoS 2 , graphite, magnesium silicate hydroxide Mg 6 Si 4 O 10 OH 8 ; hereafter referred to as MgSH , magnesium aluminium layered double hydroxides [Mg 0. To better illustrate the beneficial technical effects of the invention, composite materials were prepared in accordance with the previously described method.

These materials included a porous nickel and a sintered nickelchromium alloy which were vacuum impregnated with a molten barium fluoride-calcium fiouride eutectic.